Women in Black series
silkscreen, watercolor and acrylic on paper
19 1/4" h x 13" w each

The “Women in Black” paintings (in a black silkscreened frame) I started in Michigan around the time of the 2016 election. I heard a story about women in Poland protesting the anti-choice legislation there and thousands of women left work, school, home,etc. and went into the streets all in black to protest. My series with the silkscreened frames with black clothing inside is my version of this protest after the 2016 election. I used back clothes from thrift stores, my closet, on line, friends clothes etc. The idea is that they are everyday women’s clothing. The laws controlling women’s bodies and choice effect everyday women…The clothes needn’t be formal mourning clothes.
I silkscreened the frame as the constant in the paintings then painted a different article of clothing in each frame.
Women in Black
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